As a COR Certified construction partner, site safety is our highest measure of success.


We have the experience, skillset and equipment to safely deliver technical civil infrastructure and environmental construction services throughout British Columbia.


Precision Through

We offer a full range of pre-construction services—including budgeting, scheduling, and value engineering—to support every civil infrastructure and environmental construction project we complete.

Our project management team is experienced with the civil, geotechnical, and environmental regulations of British Columbia. This allows us to efficiently plan for a variety of groundwork conditions and effectively resolve project risks before they happen.



We bring professionalism and expertise to every project we’re involved with. Having worked across British Columbia’s vast landscape and sundry terrain, we are well equipped to manage a wide range of grade challenges. From land clearing to detail grading, we are dedicated to seeing projects from begin to end. This end-to-end approach—along with our highly skilled teams, and industry-leading equipment— enables us to contribute to large scale commercial development, institutional building, and community infrastructure.

We have earned the trust of our clients and the communities we serve; providing precise site servicing that is delivered to meet our standards of quality, compliance, and safety.

When you partner with Metric, you get our experience and pre-thinking.

Chris Veenstra — Founding Partner