Maddaugh Road Elementary School

Project at a Glance


Surrey, BC

Services + Scope

  • Site Preparation
  • Excavation & Backfill
  • Slab Preparation
  • Hydro & Utilities
  • Storm, Sanitary & Water
  • Trenching
  • Perimeter Drain
  • Road Widening
  • Paving, Curbs & Sidewalks

About the project

The North Clayton area is one of the fastest-growing residential communities within the Surrey School District. Madduagh Road Elementary School will have the capacity for more than 600 kids to accommodate the growing demands of a young, emerging demographic.

Partnering with Coastland Engineering in the planning phase and with Pro-Can Construction in the building phase, we completed a comprehensive scope of civil services that included excavation, underground utilities, road widening and slab prep. This was a 4.4-million dollar public project that was completed on schedule in January 2021.

Project Highlights

  • Performed pre-construction planning to confirm project scope and schedule.
  • Excavated foundation with backfill and slab preparation.
  • Provided on-site and off-site services for storm, sanitary and water tie-in.
  • Trenched mechanical and electrical requirements, including perimeter drainage.
  • Facilitated off-site hydro and networking site integration.
  • Widened surrounding roadwork, including the paving of curbs and sidewalks and installation of street lighting.