Sherwood Investments

Project at a Glance


Surrey, B.C.

Services + Scope

  • Site Preparation
  • Roadworks
  • On-site Servicing
  • Building Works

About the project

The Sherwood Properties is a light industrial area, situated in the Campbell Heights area of Surrey, B.C., at the entry to the business park in which it now resides. The location was previously home to an out-of-date and unused truck yard. Work began in the spring of 2021 to convert the property into a business park including an 80,000 square foot industrial warehouse space.

Metric worked with Orion Construction on the project, providing a wide range of services throughout the construction process. The projected was completed early in March of 2022.

Project Highlights

  • Implemented an efficient and effective working schedule; completing the 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse in under a year.
  • Prioritized on-site material re-use to reduce waste and allow for cost savings for the client.
  • Excavated for and installed multiple tree pits, creating a structurally sound paved surface coexisting with greenspace.